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We are trusted behavioural experts, connecting learning with sales to drive behavioural change on an enterprise scale.

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What we do

Our Behavioural Expertise

Figala is designed with the human brain in mind. Our research takes into account how the human brain actually works, and we have a proven track record incorporating behavioural science into learning, training and management.

In order to succeed in enterprise, we believe you must connect learning with sales. The Figala framework is loaded with behavioural triggers designed to pull out specific, chosen behaviours that impact overall performance. Figala is scientifically proven to educate your workforce in a way that sticks.

Our Framework applies:

The Hawthorne Effect - to engage and motivate employees.

Reward-based Learning - to improve participation and retention.

Peer-to-peer Accountability - to drive internal responsibility.

McGregor’s Participative Management Theory - to promote employee and business growth simultaneously.

Why Figala?

Intelligent design

The Figala framework is loaded with scientific triggers designed to pull out your chosen behaviours. Each section has a purpose, and a matching reward to incentivise individuals.

Powerful results

Figala is supported by extensive research into behavioural science, and years of practical expertise. We are trusted worldwide to transform the relationship between enterprise learning and sales.

Easy to integrate

It all works in your employee’s regular email inbox, so requires very little IT integration. No log-ins, usernames or passwords- it all arrives via email!

How it works

Our Framework

The Figala Framework has been developed over many years of behavioural study, and is trusted by enterprises across the globe. Each section of the framework performs a specific behavioural function- you simply tailor the information to fit your organisation’s needs.

Figala is a toolkit for enterprise, driving employees to fulfil a chosen outcome. Our software leverages a combination of measurement, incentives and rewards to actively improve learning, sales, and performance within enterprises.

Behavioural Science

Our framework is based on the following behavioural principle:

Acquiring new behaviours is a process, not an event, and entails learning by performing successive approximations of the desired behaviour. The more beneficial or rewarding an experience, the more likely it is to be repeated.

Measurable Incentives


Use Cases

Our customers use Figala for a wide range of purposes including; Improving Sales, Increasing Efficiency, Improving Engagement, Improving Retention and Accrediting Their Workforce:

Improving Sales

The Figala framework incentivises employees to fulfil an outcome, such as improve their customer service skills. Enterprises across the globe report dramatic improvement in sales as a result of our rewards system.

Increasing Efficiency

The Figala framework drives employees to complete training modules, and retain what they have learned. It’s proven to educate your workforce in a way that sticks, helping teams to communicate better and streamline operations.

Improving Engagement

Figala is designed to improve employee retention and engagement. Through a combination of training milestones, feedback mechanisms and rewards, we change perspectives and shift cultures within organisations.

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